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Mother and Son at Verus Bonifatius


Our Vision

We are the place of security where family relationships strained by mental illness and crises can heal, grow and blossom for a positive and fulfilling future.

Our Mission


We combine Swiss standards of excellence with a highly renowned team of doctors and psychiatrists to deliver unparalleled medical expertise. At the center of our healing approach is each patient in their entirety.With our highest standards of professionalism, care and confidentiality, we will guide you back to your happy self.

We offer our patients an individualised and intensive healing experience in a cosy and familiar atmosphere. Although you may be far away from home, we will make you feel at home whilst you heal from within.

As we consider the family as one of the last resorts of the emotional wellbeing, we make certain that your most important family member may come along on your journey with us. You may bring your dependent minor or your parent along during your stay, they are most welcome.


Our Service

Acute private clinic for psychosomatics 


Stress and burnout prevention program 

Energy recovery place for mothers/fathers and their children

Happy Family in Nature_Verus Bonifatius
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