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Verus Bonifatius Water Peace

We are the place of security where family relationships strained by mental illness and crises can heal, grow and blossom for a positive and fulfilling future.


We combine Swiss standards of excellence with a highly renowned team of doctors and psychiatrists to deliver unparalleled medical expertise. At the center of our healing approach is each patient in their entirety.With our highest standards of professionalism, care and confidentiality, we will guide you back to your happy self.


We offer our patients an individualised and intensive healing experience in a cosy and familiar atmosphere. Although you may be far away from home, we will make you feel at home whilst you heal from within.

As we consider the family as one of the last resorts of the emotional wellbeing, we make certain that your most important family member may come along on your journey with us. You may bring your dependent minor or your parent along during your stay, they are most welcome.

Calm Woman at Verus Bonifatius


Cognitive Therapy


Mindfulness Work


Art and Body Therapy


TCM and Natural Healing

From caterpillar to butterfly


Our clinic is a cocoon of shelter and security for growth. We accompany you on your own individual journey of inner transformation. A central element of our work is the warm-hearted encounter. The experience of being accepted as you are - being welcome with all rough edges - enables a special bond. Relaxed, healing relationships between parents and children provide support and create a safe framework where adults and children can discover their self-efficacy and self-empowerment. To achieve these goals, we teach helpful skills for dealing with painful conditions.


Treatment in our clinic is based on modern scientific knowledge, for example, mindfulness research and studies of secure attachment. We work with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) from the third wave of behavioral therapy, trauma therapy, and body psychotherapy (somatic experiencing). In addition, we use relationship- and encounter-oriented psychological elements as well as therapeutic relationship according to Rogers and Rosenberg.

We base in BAd Salzschlirf.

For more than 175 years, Bad Salzschlirf has been receiving guests from all around the world. Quaint houses, romantic alleyways and a magnificent public park reflect on its time honored history. Its easy access to the great outdoor in the Rhön or around Vogelsberg have made it an attractive destination for anyone who wishes to get in tune with oneself and nature.


Verus Bonifatius Klinik,

St. Vinzenz-Allee 1, 36364 Bad Salzschlirf, Germany


Tel: +49 66 48 911 080

Whatsapp: +49 163 669 4070

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