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About Our Chief Medical Doctor

Günther Mild


During my medical career, I have encountered a lot of human suffering. There is little we can do about some of our critical life experiences, at the same time there is great emotional resilience, on which we have much more influence than we may think.


In our everyday life, we often lose contact with ourselves through certain internal and external events and alienate ourselves, from others and our environment through various feelings.


It is not possible to undo what has happened, but we have a lot of control over how we treat ourselves and others - now and in the future.


I am amazed at how big the gap is between the knowledge of mankind (both in relation to the knowledge of many cultures and to current scientific research) and the actual implementation in everyday life.


At this point I want to make a difference with my job:


Accompany people in applying valuable knowledge of humanity to rediscover their own inner strength and healing resilience and to implement them effectively in everyday lives.


This is my vision at the Verus Bonifatius Clinic: Our clinic will be a place for people and families - especially in our challenging times - to find ways to live from their hearts and to be able to achieve what they are here in this world for.


For this vision, I use my accumulated medical and psychological experience and knowledge.

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