The Team

Who We Are

UL vom Internet.jpg
UL vom Internet.jpg

Dr. Urs Lustenberger

Co-Founder & CEO

Attorney at Law in Zurich. Strong connection to the Healthcare System. Honorary Consul of the Philippines.


Dr. Benno Studer

Co-Founder & CFO

Attorney at Law in Laufenburg. Strong connection to the Healthcare System. Former Member of Regional Parliament.


Doctor medic
Günther Mild

Chief Medical Officer

Specialist in Psychiatry. Strong connection to Mindfulness and Humanity.

Torsten Dimmerling

Heart and Soul of the House Bonifatius. Strong connection to Bad Salzschlirf and its People.

Chief Operations Officer

Zhang profile.JPG

Dr. Ying ZHANG

Co-Founder & TCM specialist

Professor on the themes of entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainability, wellness.

Specializing in Chinese Qigong, Taichi, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.